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AgriPV als platzsparende Zaunlösung

Our AgriPV fencing system enables practically double yields: 

Both the yield from agricultural use, as well as the significant electricity yield. The bifacial modules used have an output of up to 450 Wp on the front side. Since we use special cells, the power on the back is only slightly lower. This is important for a vertical installation, as the sun shines on both sides in succession during the day. The yield curve is also different from a "normal" installation and has two distinct peaks. Our installations allow short pay-back times of the investment!

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Innovative mounting system 

AGORA premium double-glazed bifacial PV modules are used. 

The steel profiles are driven into the ground to ensure stability. The system includes only three parts and is therefore quick and at the same time stable to assemble. Available as single and double row system.  

The possible installation per hectare (ha) depends on the spacing of the rows, as shown in the tables below. A biodiversity strip of about 60 to 80 cm should be considered, which is not regularly harvested. This is sown with meadow flowers or even other plants; this creates an interesting small biotope that provides habitat for many insects and field animals. 


more information about our PVFence systems, as well as some simulation examples can be found in our AgriPV catalog

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