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BerryPV & PomePV

AgriPV for the future of fruit growing

AgriPV for fruit and horticulture


Row spacing is essentially determined by the type of fruit being grown, and the division into two groups has proven effective in practice: Lower elevations for berry crops or horticulture and higher elevations for tree crops such as pome or stone fruit crops.
For both types of installation, row spacing is 5-6 m, resulting in the high connected loads per hectare (ha) shown in the table below as well.

Bildschirm­foto 2023-07-21 um 10.56.52.png

The use of bifacial modules even results in additional yields of 10-15 %.

A system above a pome fruit orchard (e.g. apple trees) yields approx. 985 kWh/KWp in the Lake Constance area and over 1200 kWh/KWp in South Tyrol.

Standard dimensions: a = 3m

c = 3.1 m (BerryPV); c = 4 m (PomePV)

The row width (b) is chosen to match the plantings. At 5m, the racks are close together.

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