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AgriPV für einen hohen gleichmäßigen Ertrag im Tagesverlauf

High consistent yield

Unlike, for example, a fence system with vertically mounted modules, the continuous orientation to the sun results in a relatively uniform yield profile as well as a significantly higher output of up to 30%.
The control can be done separately for each row and puts the modules in a vertical position, e.g. for soil cultivation or harvesting. A wind sensor moves the modules to a horizontal position during storms. The inverters are normally placed in the middle of each row.
The solid design of all components allows a warranty of 20 years with regular maintenance! 

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Powerful bifacial modules

Our AgriTrackers are optimized for the use of bifacial modules with an output of 670 watts. The construction is uncomplicated. Depending on the static calculation, they are divided into fields of 4-5 modules. Each field is held by a support pillar. The row length is up to 120 m. The centrally mounted motor turns the particularly stable axis on which the modules are solidly mounted with a patented support arm.
Compared to trackers for open space plants, a higher elevation (up to 3.5 m) and an extended row width according to the requirements for agricultural cultivation is possible without restrictions to a large extent. Only a biodiverse planted strip under the modules is not harvested with and improves the species richness of agriculture.

Modul B132-HC (670Wp), 2384 x 1303 x 35 mm

Ideal also for animal husbandry

Due to the higher position and the variable distances, our TrackerPV systems are ideal for animal husbandry: cows or horses can pass unhindered and find sufficient shade, especially in the hot midday hours, due to the almost horizontal position of the modules. The microclimate under the systems is good for plant growth due to the reduction of evaporation and the protection from intensive solar radiation. 

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